Mustang's BartPE Plugins


Introducing MustangPEBuilder 2. MustangPEBuilder 2 is an exciting new program to build a fully customizable WinPE 2.0 or 3.0 Recovery CD. See the MustangPEBuilder 2 page for details. Plugins can be written in any Windows programming language. Plugins are available for Acronis products. MustangPEBuilder is a better alternative to BartPE.

Also available is MustangPEBuilder 2 ADK. MustangPEBuilder 2 ADK allows you to build a customized WinPE 4.0 or higher Recovery CD. See the MustangPEBuilder 2 ADK page for details. It is very simular to the WAIK version above. There are versions to build a 32 bit and 64 bit WinPE.


As a service to Acronis users that have newer computers or tablets that will not boot a standard WinPE image, I have created a program to add True Image Home 2014 to an existing boot.wim file. These newer computers will typically only boot from a Windows Recovery USB disk created from Control Panel/Recovery. The boot.wim file from the USB drive can be modified by my program to include True Image Home 2014. Download AddTI. The readme files in the download contains detailed instructions for both 32 and 64 bit versions of WinPE along with instructions on how to tell which version of WinPE Windows Recovery created. There is also a version to add True Image 2015 to an existing boot.wim file. Download AddTI_2015. The readme files in the download contain instructions for only a 64 bit version of WinPE as Acronis only supplies 64 bit WinPE files.

How to fix NetSh in 1607 and above WinPE.