Mustang's BartPE Plugins

Free Beginner's Guide to Creating a BartPE CD

This is a very detailed Guide aimed at BartPE beginners. It contains all the details and download links you will need to create a working BartPE CD. It also contains an important section on how to create a Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation disk from an I386 folder. This is very useful if you did not get a full Windows installation disk with your computer. You will need one to build a BartPE CD. Advanced uses will also find a section on how to boot BartPE from a USB flash drive. There is also a special link for Dell users to add missing files to the Dell I386 folder.

You will also find BartPE plugins for Acronis products at the home page of Mustang's BartPE Plugins. These plugins are offered at an additional small fee.

Download Free Beginner's Guide to Creating a BartPE CD