MustangPEBuilder 2

Reasons Why MustangPEBuilder 2 is a Better Choice for Acronis Products


There are many advantages of MustangPEBuilder 2 over the Acronis Recovery CD:

1. MustangPEBuilder 2 is based on Windows not Linux. Acronis Recovery CD's don't include drivers for all hardware.

2. You may easily add Vista based Windows drivers for hard drive, RAID and network controllers at build time. The Acronis Recovery CD's don't allow for driver addition.

3. MustangPEBuilder 2 has built in USB 2.0 drivers for backup and recovery speeds to USB drives that equal Windows speeds. Many times the Acronis Recovery CD's will only provide USB 1.0 speeds that can cost you hours.

4. MustangPEBuilder 2 runs the Windows version of the Acronis products installed on the computer you use to create the CD. This means most of the features of these products will work, including the important image mounting feature. The Acronis Recovery CD's have a limited set of features.

5. MustangPEBuilder 2 includes a file manager so you can explore mounted images and restore individual files and folder.

6. MustangPEBuilder 2 will allow you to map network shares as drive letters so they can be used for backups and recovery operations.

7. MustangPEBuilder 2 will allow you to restore individual hidden files and folders. The Acronis Recovery CD will not allow this.

8. MustangPEBuilder 2 assigns drive letters the same way Windows does. This eliminates confusion during a recovery session.

9. No more restores of individual files to a different location on an NTFS system that turn out to be corrupt and can't be deleted.

10. You may set the desired sceen resolution on the fly or automatically at build time.

11. You may edit the registry of your Windows system by using Regedit and loading a hive from the remote system.

12. There may be more, but you get the idea. It is just better!


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